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About Us

“Every each of you, is as unique as every each of us.”
Let’s celebrate our differences, and cherish every moments in life!



WW was born out of a random idea when Yee Von was trying to get off her routine of one illustration per week when she was working on her girl illustrations. She wanted to create something simple, quick yet whimsical. When she was young, she lived in the mountain for several years due to the nature of her parents’ work, which had fostered her love towards nature and animals. The first animal that popped into her head was a fox, so she drew a fox giving a flower to another fox. And that’s how WW started, bringing love, joy and whimsical touch to others.


A beautiful sunrise, a sip of tea while observing people on the street, a joyful smile, intimate glare into lover’s eyes, night sky full of stars, changes of clouds and colors of the sky… We believe these are the moments that make life worth celebrating. Hence through Yee Von works – her animals like fox, bear, rabbit, owl… even though they are different from each other, yet they cherish their friendship, love and joy to simple things like having tea together, smelling flowers and enjoying quiet moments with butterflies.