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Various acrylic keycharm perfect for bag, pencil case, and keys.
RM25.00 MYR

Squirrel & Daffodil - Double Sided on Clear Acrylic Keychain

Bring this charming Squirrel and Daffodil acrylic key charm with you, depicting an adorable squirrel enjoying the scent of a bright daffodil. Let this cheerful accessory accompany your day, a whimsical addition to bags, keys, and pencil cases. A delightful reminder of nature's beauty!

Product Details:
* Dimensions: 2.52" W x 2.25" H x 0.16" (6.4cm x 5.7cm x 0.4cm), without clasp.
* Features double-sided printing with identical design; the front side has an epoxy coating.
* Back has a clear protective sleeve for full shine when peeled off.
* Equipped with a 32mm silver keychain.
* Each set is carefully packaged in a resealable cellophane bag for easy storage.
* Shipped with protective cardboard backing to ensure safe delivery and preserve the pristine quality of your keychain.

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